Balance Board by Vive

Vive board

Wobble 2


Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you a piece of equipment that has been a huge help to me. Something that I haven’t spoken of much on this site is that I’ve been nursing an injury on my right foot. I had some ligament damage a few years back. I rolled my right foot on a step while moving my couch. For some time after that injury I had no medical insurance. So, I kept it wrapped very tightly, and used natural anti- inflammatory’s to keep the pain under control. Eventually, I could no longer keep the pain under control without therapy. I now have medical insurance through my current job, and am going through physical therapy at an orthopedic center close to where I live.  A few of the exercises I do (that is making a huge difference) are done on the wobble board shown above. Due to scheduling, I can only make it to the physical therapist once a week. But thanks to I was able to order my own Vive wobble board, and do these exercises at home to help speed up my foot recovery! If you know anyone who has suffered from a foot injury, or is looking for a way to help strengthen their feet and ankles feel free to check out this link .

There are many videos on Youtube that show you how to do many exercises using a wobble board, just type “Wobble board videos” on the search engine. If any of you order this product, I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me!!

Take care everyone,

Ricky The Supps Guy




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