Are you feeling stressed out lately? Try Holy Basil!


Hello again everyone!  As the fall is now upon us, many things have changed. For parents, kids are back in school. For teachers, it was time to go back to work. For my friends and family up in the Northeast, or other parts of the country where it is not sunny like it is here in Central Florida all year, the cold is quickly returning. And I can’t also forget to mention, the holiday season will be here before you know it. For many, there will be many stressful days ahead as we get closer to the end of 2016, and look towards the start of 2017. So I thought it would be great for this blog to be written about an herb that has a long history of helping men and women alike combat stress, lower cortisol, and help calm down anxiety. This blog I am writing today on is an herb by the name of Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi.

I have much many years of experience with this herb in liquid, and in capsule/tea form.  Most companies who sell this herb in tea form usually sell it under the name of “Tulsi Tea.” I, like many of you reading this, have worked in jobs under very stressful conditions. I am being completely honest when I say this, this product has had me keep my cool during times where I felt like walking out on a certain job. It has helped many teachers I know with having to deal with classrooms with more kids that what should be allowed by law per classroom, and still be calm and level headed enough to do their job will little to no extra help.

I have even seen customers of mine use this herb to help lower their blood sugar.  Studies have shown that Holy Basil can lower blood sugar up to 17 percent or more in 4 to 6 weeks, when combined with proper dietary changes and exercise. Holy Basil is an incredibly versatile herb, studies are now showing that it can help lower blood pressure, promote eye health, as well as help elevate mood. Holy Basil is one of the herbs that are a part of the awesome anti-inflammatory known as Zyflamend from New Chapter Organics. A product that I have written a blog about a few months back. Its anti-inflammatory properties made it a sure fire addition in this product.

Holy Basil also has a history of use in Ayurvedic medicine as a liver protectant, digestive aid, and its leaves have been used as an anti-fungal, anti- bacterial and anti-viral treatments for various ailments. Studies right here in the United States have been conducted with Holy Basil to be used to prevent multiple different forms of cancer. Due to its vast array of antioxidants that have shown promising results. Even with all that I have written so far about this herb, I have only scratched the surface of the many things that this herb is good for. At the bottom you will see many websites you can check out that can tell you even more information on this amazing herb!

Although Holy Basil is taken by many as a stand-alone product, it is also a popular ingredient in many stress relief and adrenal health formulas as well. Including Life Extensions Adrenal Energy Formula, Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health, and many more.

As I stated in the second paragraph, I have used this product in liquid and capsule form. I’ve tried the tea many times either flavored, or unflavored, and in combination with Green or Yerba Mate Tea. When it comes to tea, I prefer the caffeinated kind. Eco Teas makes a really good tasting Tulsi(Holy Basil) tea with Yerba Mate and Peppermint for added digestive help. It is for those days where I am tired and stressed out, and won’t mind a mild boost of energy. For the most part I prefer the liquid tincture form of Holy Basil from HerbPharm. It is an alcohol tincture so do not put a full dropper under your tongue. It will burn! I like to put a full dropper in 8 ounces of water, followed by a quarter dropper full and then I drink up. I find it keeps me calm and mellow for hours. If I were to take it in pill form I prefer them from New Chapter Organics. Their liquidcaps have the herb in a base of extra virgin olive oil (Instead of soybean oil like many brands prefer to use) and can be taken on an empty stomach, which is convenient for when you are on the go.

So any which way you would like to try Holy Basil, you have three ways to try. If you are going through a stressful period, I truly believe this herb can be of great help to you! It has help many friends, family members, and myself included these past few years. As always if you have any questions feel free to email me at, you can also find me on Instagram as well my name is RICKYTHESUPPSGUY.

As promised here are the links where you can find out more about Holy Basil as well:

1)    benefits#Overview1




Be safe, God Bless everyone and the next blog will be coming to you all real soon!








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