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Hello again everyone! As the month of July comes to a close, we all are seeing  the “New Years Resolutions” either going strong, or as most came to a terrible end months earlier. My honest hope and prayer for all who made the made the decision to make a better life change for the better, are still going strong!

This blog I am writing about today is one supplement that is always in my cupboard! Both my wife and I both use this product daily. Today’s blog is on Thyroid Care from Terry Naturally. This product is loaded with 30 milligrams of three different forms of Iodine and 400 milligrams of L-Tyrosine. As you can see this is not your typical thyroid product. Many thyroid products contain certain B vitamins, the herb Bladderwrack, minimal amounts of L-Tyrosine and Iodine from Kelp. It is safe to say that many (though not all) thyroid boosting products do very little to regulate your thyroid hormones back to their normal range due to the fact that although these are quality ingredients in their formulas, there is not enough of them to help produce their desired result.

Here is where Terry Naturally is different than other companies. They not only give you Iodine in this formula, but they give you almost 30,000% percent more Iodine than the average American consumes in a day. Why that much Iodine you may ask? It is pretty simple. American’s barely if at all get any Iodine in our diet. Most Americans on average only get about 150mcga day (mcg means micrograms, it takes 1000mcg’s to make 1 milligram. So as you can see that’s not much). To be honest that is barely any Iodine at all. Your body (your thyroid in particular) needs Iodine to function properly. Look at Iodine as food/fuel for your thyroid. Without Iodine, your thyroid can’t work to its full capacity.  And that is not a good thing at all. Because although your thyroid is a small gland at the middle of the bottom part of your neck, it produces a hormone that influences every cell, tissue and organ in the body. You see now another reason that it is imperative that we all have a proper functioning thyroid gland.

Without a doubt one of the easiest ways to ensure that you have a proper functioning thyroid is to limit foods that have genetically modified soy in them. If possible do not drink water straight from the sink due to our water having toxic metals like fluoride and chlorine, which both have been shown to impair proper thyroid function due to them fighting over the same receptor sites that need iodine. Due to the fact that flouride is so prevalent in our water supply, plus almost no Iodine in the American diet, flouride and other toxic chemicals usually win in the war of reaching those receptor sites. Also, eating Iodine rich foods such as seaweeds like dulce, kelp, nori, wakame, and supplementing with a strong iodine product like Thyroid Care will help raise your bodies iodine levels.

The number of people with hypo/hyperthyroidism cases continue to grow each year. The American Thyroid Association stares that more than 20 million Americans suffer from thyroid disease. Worse yet, that number is continuing to grow year by year. So what do most doctors do to combat this problem? They do what they do best! Although a good majority of the time it is not always the best idea. They write out a prescription for a drug that is supposed to help regulate your thyroid hormone. Nine times out of ten they write out a prescription for the drug Levothyroxine, usually under the name Synthroid. I am saying this from experience, in all the years in supplement retail I have never met one person that has told me that levothyroxine has helped them. Am I saying it does not help anyone? No. I am sure they’re must be people out there that this drug has helped. But I have not met even one! Every customer I have come across that is on this drug complains about one, if not more of the nasty side effects. Which can include hair loss, diarrhea, chest pain, shortness of breath, headaches, and many others. Plus like I said a few sentences back I’ve never met anyone that has told me it has helped them with raising their levels of thyroid stimulating hormone. So why do M.D.’s write out so many prescriptions for a drug that has proven to be completely useless to millions of Americans?

The same reason why meds that are useless for depression, anxiety, cholesterol, and many other ailments that are being prescribed by the thousands each day. Big Pharma (Pharmaceutical/drug companies ) pay the FDA millions of dollars each year to make sure their drugs are “Generally Recognized As Safe.”  Then they are given the green light from the FDA to prescribe medications to millions of Americans, regardless of the countless side effects.

Some of you reading this right now might be having symptoms of a slow or fast thyroid, and still are contemplating on taking a thyroid medication that your doctor is wanting to prescribe you. Many of you, just like me have grown up being told that the “Doctor knows best” mentality that has been shoved down our throats our whole lives. If you do, that is your choice. But I am here to show you a more natural choice to try first, which has helped a great many of people with their thyroid conditions with excellent results! Countless studies have been done that have shown the positive effect that high Iodine supplementation has on people dealing with thyroid conditions. So how about giving one of the highest rated Iodine supplements in the Natural Products industry a try?

With Thyroid Care only two capsules are needed once a day. Their has been clinical studies that have shown people taking up to 200mg’s of Iodine with no adverse side effects. So if you want to take more than two you will be fine. I took two twice a days for the first month month to flood my body with Iodine, and give my metabolism a nice boost. Since then I have taken 2 a day, once a day and have seen great results. The first thing I noticed after a few days was my energy levels feeling a lot better. It is not a caffeinated energy but a very smooth energy that lasts for hours. Plus I noticed I sweat more due to my metabolism revving up. Many customers I have sold this product to have experienced the same. Another thing I have been told by many customers dealing with thyroid issues is that they experience no more hair loss due to their medication’s side effects. Iodine has also been shown to help out with hair growth ladies!

Here is a link to a site that speaks about the effect of low Iodine levels in children whose mothers had low iodine levels during pregnancy:,

Also, here is a link to which shows the impact that flouride has on people with Iodine defficiency;


So as always I hope this blog has helped you out with learning about a supplement I feel passionate about. To those dealing with thyroid issues, if you have any further questions about this supplement feel free to email me at!

God Bless and take care everyone!

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