Ultra T Male

Ultra T Male

Good day everyone! I hope the month of March is being good to every one of you, and I also want to wish you all well with the goals you all have set forth for yourselves for the year of 2016!

This week’s blog is on a product that I have sold to many men over the past year. It is a testosterone product from Nature’s Plus called Ultra T Male. I will be the first to admit, there are many really good testosterone boosters on the market from reputable companies. I am choosing to write about Ultra T Male not just because it is my personal favorite. But also because some of the few things that make Nature’s Plus stick out from the rest of the companies. First, with every Nature’s Plus product you purchase you get a certificate of analysis inside each bottle (or tub if you are purchasing a greens or protein powder) from a third party verifying that what is on each Nature’s Plus product meets it’s label claims. Second, Nature’s Plus is owned and operated by Natural Organics inc. So you get the highest quality  materials used to produce each Nature’s Plus product. Trust me when I tell you this, Nature’s Plus has been producing high quality, all natural, organic and non-gmo products long before anyone knew what a genetically modified organism ever was. Those are only a few things that are great about this company. As you can tell I have been a huge fan of Nature’s Plus for quite some time.  I have been selling their products for almost ten years working at various supplement retail stores.

When a man reaches his late thirties, his natural testosterone production starts to slow down. When a man reaches the age of 40 and after, the average drop in a man’s testosterone drops almost one percent each year. Couple that with the enormous amounts of genetically modified soy (that happens to be highly estrogenic) to the majority of factory farmed meats, vegetable oils, snack foods, fast foods (yes even the ones to claim that they have one hundred percent beef, most of the time it’s up to eighty percent soy), as well as many other foods. We also can’t forget about BPA in our plastic water bottles, which is also estrogenic. Lastly, when men deal with high stress jobs that raise our cortisol through the roof many hours a day, when a man’s cortisol levels are very high for hours on end that also leads to raises in a man’s estrogen levels. When a man’s estrogen levels are raised his body stores have in his abdominal region, his libido and overall energy also lowers drastically. Not only that, focus and thinking is off when his testosterone levels are low. Men need to have healthy testosterone levels! In this day and age many American men are experiencing drops in testosterone as early as their late twenties. Some males are born with lower than normal testosterone right out of their mother’s womb, you can tell when you go to the beach and notice when you see a young boy that looks like he has “man boobs” and he is not even 5 yet.

There are many steps a man can take to improve his testosterone levels. Getting quality sleep EVERY night, eliminating foods with genetically modified soy. Making sure you are getting enough high quality “good fats” in your diet, eating local organic fruits, veggies and meat. Testosterone replacement therapy may be a valuable option for some men, depending on the severity of their issue. We cannot forget proper supplementation. So back to why I love Ultra T Male!

Ultra T Male takes a multiple pathway approach to getting you back to being the manly man you are deep inside! Instead of just helping your body produce more testosterone than what you are already making, Ultra T Male not only helps boost natural test production, it also helps keep it from converting into estrogen and then some.  Unlike most testosterone boosters that you have to cycle (meaning that you take 1 to 2 bottles of the product then you not use it again for a few months), Ultra T Male can be taken daily with no need to “cycle off” for a few months. It has a great mix of vitamins, a few minerals, and an herbal blend that all work in perfect synergy with each other. Vitamins C, E, Siberian Rhodiola Rosea, and the  Vitrinox blend of Apple and Grape polyphenols help to stop free radical damage of your body’s testosterone production. A highly absorbable form of Zinc that not only helps boost natural testosterone production, but also helps stop testosterone from converting into estrogen. Zinc is also great for the immune system, and helps with prostate health as well. Which is why Nature’s Plus added 5.5mg of Boron citrate as well, healthy testosterone should also be accompanied by a heathy prostate.

Lastly, I can’t forget to mention the the patented FuranoMax™ Fenugreek extract (no guys this won’t make  you  produce breast milk like what was said on  the Dr. Oz show last year), that helps your body produce more testosterone naturally. Also the T Male proprietary nutrient blend to give your body an extra energy blend that helps you in the gym as well the bedroom!

Nature’s Plus Ultra T Male has been the highest rated natural test booster I have ever had the pleasure to sell. I have to constantly order more to keep my shelves stocked of this product. I myself am using this right now. I can attest to having better sleep, more energy throughout the day. As for the private time action, my wife never had a complaint before, but with T Male let’s just say she never wants me to not take it anymore. Trust me your wives/girlfriends fellas they will most likely be saying the same thing!

If any of you have a question about Nature’s Plus Ultra T Male, shoot me an email at rickythesuppsguy@gmail.com.  I hope to hear from you all soon take care!


Ricky the Supps Guy




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