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Hello everyone, I hope the month of February is going good for you! This week’s entry is going to be on a product that has benefitted me and many other customers of mine all these years tremendously. Also from a brand that I have sold for the past two years, whose passion and commitment to making great products with real, high quality ingredients at affordable prices! This week’s product is called 5-HTP from Nutrakey Health Performance Inc.

Before I tell you why I love this supplement let me give you a little bit of information of where it comes from. 5-HTP comes from a plant named Griffonia simplicifolia, which grows in different parts of West Africa. 5-HTP is a precursor to the serotonin neurotransmitter 5-HT. To put in simpler terms, 5-HTP converts to serotonin in your body. When your serotonin levels are low, many functions in the body are affected. Such as mood, sleep, appetite (those annoying sugar cravings), body temperature, cognitive function (learning ability), and many other bodily functions. So it is important that this hormone has what it needs to perform optimally. That is where 5-HTP comes into play!

This product is special to me because I, like many people reading this, work in high stress environments. Couple that with the day to day stresses of life in general can have a person feeling down at times. Millions of other Americans are down a whole lot more than others, as many are born with  serious serotonin imbalances .Which is why I believe if you are dealing with any of the issues mentioned in the paragraph above, 5-HTP should be worth a try. It is a natural way to raise your mood (trust me I can vouch 5-HTP helps in this category!) , to have a better outlook on life, deeper sleep and better appetite control without the use of prescription drugs. If you want to feel better, wouldn’t you rather want to do that naturally, plus not have to worry about nasty side effects??

Each serving of Nutrakey’s 5-HTP is  100 milligrams of 5-HTP per capsule. Within a few days of taking this product I started feeling a significant change in my moods. Work stress is definitely more manageable, during many busy days at work I can honestly say I walk out of work just as happy or calm as when I walked in. Two years ago when I firs tried 5-HTP , I first took one serving daily after breakfast for the first two weeks. Then  I added the second serving an hour before bedtime at week three, and I have slept deeper every night since. This is one product I am glad to keep in stock at the store I work at, and in my cupboard. And Nutrakey definitely is my personal favorite in with this product. With it’s quality, serving size and great price, Nutrakey’s 5-HTP is second to none!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s entry, and look forward to bringing you all some great supplement information again next week. Take care everyone!

If anyone wants more information about Nutrakey 5-HTP here is a link you can check out:


Ricky The Supps Guy

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