Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Okay I get it, I’m two weeks late. But still, it is a new year! Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s January has had great start. I know mine has. I have the pleasure of celebrating one more thing in my life when everyone else is finished with all their festivities. I get to celebrate my anniversary to my beautiful wife a few days after the January 1st. So I had one more cake to finish up (which we did a few days ago). Now that God has blessed us with a new calendar year, there is one thing we see all over Facebook, the internet, and every news station and reality show possible. The concept of the New Year’s “resolution.”  Along with the talk of the resolution, we usually see gym memberships raise to astronomical levels. Many people wait until this time to decide that they want to lose weight, change their lifestyle, get ready for the summer, or just plain get off of their lazy butt’s and go join a gym. Gym goers that go all year long usually get annoyed around this time, because the crowds can make getting your workout done in a timely fashion can prove to be quite difficult. I have seen this first hand, I once worked for a privately owned gym chain in Philadelphia. We all new once the 1st of January came, we did not have to worry about whether the gym was going to make the new membership quota’s. We didn’t have to advertise or throw that many new membership deals, because our membership numbers would skyrocket the first 4 to 6 weeks of the year without changing much. The crowds tend to die down around late February and early March (around the time all the girl scout cookie sales begin). Then for the rest of gym goers it is back to normal wait times for their favorite gym equipment.

Now back to the subject of the resolutions for a minute. I, like many of you at one time in life have decided to make “New Years resolutions.” Only to fail miserably within the first few days, and sometimes even weeks. The concept of the new years resolution has a negative outlook no matter how much media and internet coverage it is given each year.

We all know this, because many of us are the first to tell someone that has a resolution, or says they want to lose weight and get in shape this year that they are going to fail at it. Worst yet, ask the person “Why even try?” I have been guilty of that myself in the past. As this year approached I decided on two things that need to change for this year, and for every year on for the rest of my life. I hope many of you can join with me in this that I am about to propose to you all. First one, instead of making resolutions, how about at the beginning of each year we set goals for ourselves. Resolutions even if you make them have such a negative connotation to them that even if you are serious about them you may still have those voices of those around you saying such negatives things that they hand around in your mind and you still give them up before even really trying. Goals are taken more seriously. Now when it comes up to the concept of goals everyone chooses to do them their own way. Small goals, big goals, monthly goals, etc.. Do them any way you want, just set some goals and go for it!

Second and lastly, this is something I really want you all to do. How about we not do to those who have a resolution what everyone else does? You know, how about we NOT discourage them! That’s right, how about we ENCOURAGE them! Think about it, many people really have their hearts set on making a change at the beginning of each year. Many start off every year to make a change, whether physical, financial, or any other reason. Only to be met with loads of negative comments. Many people want to be the first to say “I told you so.” But let us think about it. What is the satisfaction in that? How does that make YOU a better person, knowing that you contributed in discouraging that person to make a change in their life for the better? I have a secret for you, you might want to lean in when I tell you this. IT DOESN”T!  It just makes you just lie all the other doubters, haters, or anything else people are called nowadays. Let us not be one of those. Let us be a beacon of light in other’s lives. A source of encouragement to all who truly want to make a change for the better. And even if the person isn’t 100% serious, how about we encourage them anyway? It might help that person stay on the right path to eventually work towards and exceed that goal they set for themselves. To be honest, that will bring more satisfaction to be a source of encouragement to someone and see that they go through with their resolution or goal. Rather than be the first to throw their failure in that person’s face. So how about it everyone? Let us start off 2016 with our own goals, and encourage others to do the same. I am pretty sure we can make 2016 a better year for ourselves and everyone around us!

God Bless and take care everyone, Ricky

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